This website offers the interested reader insight into the work and publications of Prof. Dr. Margrit and Prof. Declan Kennedy.  The online library presents virtually all publications that they have authored over 50 years.  Some articles were altered to appear in various anthologies and magazines, and for these the library offers only a small selection of versions.  However, the essential books, reports, articles and films of key activities are all represented.  Subjects range from architecture, school building and town planning, the participation of stakeholders in planning, gaming simulation, ecology, and permaculture, to money, tax and land reform and living in an eco-village, which is an example for a post-growth economy.

The philosophy underlying it all is the trust in each individual’s capacity to change the world, so that everyone can develop their innate creativity and live with dignity. We have the techniques and resources to make this possible. 


What the world lacks is knowledge about equal access to these resources.

At this moment - one week since the development of Japan’s nuclear nightmare - this vision may appear to be totally unrealistic.  Yet we feel that even this event presents an opportunity to change the tide of the time in which we live.  The serious problems we face in many aspects of life on our planet show that the

changes we propose are not only desirable but necessary.  And this is why we offer them here, to make these ideas available for the discussion.

In addition, you can find more information on our own websites, margritkennedy.de anddeclan.de , and in particular our websites dedicated to monetary issues monneta.org  and practical experience and academic training in sustainability: gaia-actionlearning.de

We look forward to feed-back and a “feed-forward” through our e-mail addresses: