Cover Building For School and Community use

Margrit Kennedy, (1977)
Sprache: english,

Various official institutions, societies and committees in the Federal Republic of Germany have collectively published a list of activities which they viewed as positive and possible extensions to the normal school programmes. The purpose was to integrate the newly-established school centres and multi-option schools. These lists are similar as reflected in the following series of rooms and spaces: gymnasium and game rooms; indoor and outdoor swimming pools; Sports fields for school, spare-time and club use; play areas for children and adults; open spaces and parks; recreational centres for old people; libraries; theatres ;exhibition haUs; community centres with group meeting rooms, lecture theatres and administrative offices; youth clubs; adult education facilities; Professional, vocational and educational advisory bureaux, Professional and vocational further education and retraining programmes, social help organizations, medical offices, medical counselling rooms and public workshops.

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